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Knitting knitting knitting

on March 29, 2010

I’ve got the house to myself this evening so have been very organised and planned a quiet night with my sewing machine. Sadly I’ve totally got my fabric quanities wrong so can’t do the stuff I planned (not happy!) so I will make do with blogging about my most recent makes.

I’ve been on a bit of a knitting frenzy recently – its easier to sit and do in front of the tv in the evening rather than going through the faff of getting my machine out.

Firstly I made this waistcoat for Eloise –

I’d like it a bit longer and I’d made it in age 4-5 size – never mind, will adjust it next time!

Then I made this cardigan for my friend Rosemary’s new granddaughter Lily who was born on Tuesday –

I’ve not had any feedback yet – I was worried it was a little bit on the ‘rustic’ side but I’m hoping she’ll like it (and it’ll fit her in proportion!)

Any my current project is a cardigan for Samuel. The colours in hobbycraft were really depressing so I’ve gone for something a bit different. I hope its not too lairy on him. Only just started but very pleased with myself already!


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