End of the week

So my attempts at blogging more regularly haven’t started well but hey ho.

I’ve had a good week – the sun has been shining most of the time which always helps. Spring isn’t too far away and the bulbs are starting to come up in the garden so there is optimism in the air.

Eloise has been ill with a chest infection but she’s soldiering on, enjoying a bit of ill health and medicine (she is a big hypochondriac!) I’ve been paranoid about Samuel catching it so have been watching him closely. I admit to counting his resps several times day and even putting my ear to his chest to see if I can hear any wheezing! His feet have been bluer than usual but he seems okay and is feeding well so I’ll put my paranoia on the back burner for now. We have the hospital on Tuesday so at least he’ll be seen then. The pre-appointment tension is building already though. If we get through this unscathed we’ll be good.

It was very sad to see John Radcliffe Hospital on the news, suspending paediatric cardiac surgery. The media seem to be intent on a witch hunt looking to point blame. One article in the Daily Mail really got to me for being very inaccurate so I emailed them to let them know what I thought. I know it won’t get me anywhere but writing it helped! They implied that operating on a 4 week old baby is ‘common’ and quite normal. I told them my experience of the hospital made me very very aware of the seriousness of the situation and it is a very sad fact that children with cardiac problems are at a high risk of death. I know I am bloody lucky to have my son alive. Without that hospital that wouldn’t have been possible. The papers are scaremongering with inaccurate facts. I hope the situation is resolved soon.

Busy day ahead tomorrow with an appointment at the bank to sort Samuel’s savings account then the cat to the vet – I think he has an umbilical hernia. I like to try and diagnose the cat regularly. I’m not too bad at it. Maybe I’m wasted on human health. Hospital Tuesday then off to Wales on Wednesday for a few days break – can’t wait!


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