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Trying to get hold of this blogging malarkey!

on March 2, 2010

Right, I feel I am failing to get into blogging. I just never know what to write! After consulting my friends I have been pointed in the direction of the Simple Womans Day Book http://thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com/ and that seemed like a good starting point. Thank you to Mel for the suggestion http://meltedmoment.wordpress.com/

Outside my window our new neighbour spent a very long time washing and cleaning his car. I was shocked when he even lifted the bonnet and washed underneath! I’m not that dedicated to cars. It’s just grating on me that since he moved in on Saturday the car alarm has gone off almost constantly. The whole street can hear it except him. He doesn’t even look old enough to drive (how bloody old and miserable do I sound?!)

I am thankful for my children and that they are both so happy!

From the kitchen…I cooked a casserole tonight using mutton – it was gorgeous. I am getting into using cheaper cuts of meat as well as using my slow cooker more and more. I just need to keep up the habit of using it once I am back at work next month.

I am wearing jeans that are too big for me. I’ve now lost 18.5lb and am really pleased with myself. Still a bit to go so I’m trying hard to resist the temptation to buy any new trousers yet. I’m going out tomorrow and will be wearing a pair of trousers I haven’t touched in years. It felt really good to try them on and find they were a little bit too big!

I am creating a pink cardigan for my friends new granddaughter. I’m heavily into knitting at the moment. I’ve got a pattern for a jacket for Samuel that looks far more complicated than anything I’ve tried before. I’m feeling ready for the challenge. I’m also dying to treat myself to some Rowan Biggy Print but just can’t spend that kind of money at the moment (come on the lottery win!)

I am going to Cardiff next week with Steven and the kids. It’s the Christmas break we never got when Samuel was ill. Steven and I are both really looking forward to it. (I’m also praying we see John Barrowman!) It will be great to get away for a few days and if the sun is shining like it is at the moment it will be even better.

I am reading very little at the moment. I’m struggling to get into a book as I’m usually too tired when I get to bed. I am vowing to read more blogs though for inspiration and have spent this evening messing around with google reader. How long will it last though?!

I am hoping Samuel’s appointment at the hospital goes well next week. After feeling like I’ve put most of December behind me, the anxiety of an appointment has started to built already. Apparently this is a very common phenomenon amongst heart parents called PAT – pre-appointment tension. This time next week I’m hoping I will be relaxing with a glass of wine!

Around the house it is still a tip. No matter how hard I try I never seem to get anywhere. Maybe we could blame Eloise? I’ve ordered a new rug for the lounge as ours is foul and I can never clean it. I think I’m kidding myself that a new rug will miraculously transform the room!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Doctors for me tomorrow, Christmas dinner (yes, in March) with work tomorrow, swimming on Thursday.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing… Eloise has had a sticker chart for the last two weeks to try and encourage her to get herself dressed. Her reward was a Peppa Pig necklace (her choice!) Tonight she completed her chart and was thrilled to get her necklace.


One response to “Trying to get hold of this blogging malarkey!

  1. memyselfandotherthings says:

    I am glad you are giving the blogging malarchy a go. 🙂 It’s nice here.

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