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You know you’re a heart mum when…..

on February 16, 2010

This was a thread I found on the heartline message board.  There are now well over 250 entries on the list – some funny and some sad. Some I found very relevant!

1. …..the predictive text on your phone sails through “echocardiogram”, “cardiovascular”, “catheter”, “venous”, “mitral” etc….

2. …. You have cried more since having your heart child than you have in the whole of your life.

3..you realise the important things in life.

4…..your HH child presumes your heart child is going to have his heart fixed everytime you say that he has a dr/paed/cardiologist appt and wants to know how many days you will be gone

5…..The list of phone numbers on your mobile phone contain, Cardiac liason nurse, hospital ward, drs, chemist

 6…….Because there are times when you sit by their bed, watching them sleep with tears streaming down your face not knowing what the future holds

7……..When you seem to be the only person NOT complaining about the NHS.

8…….Targeted internet adverts are offering you very cheap cardiac invesitgations and aortic valve replacements

9…….Your 3 year old daughters favourite book of the moment is ‘Having a Cardiac Catheter’


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