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Samuel arrives

on February 7, 2010

Right, where to start?  I’ve never done this before, not too sure why I am or where I’m going with it. I’m mortified at the thought of people reading this (again, why am I doing this?!) Anyway, it has been suggested to me that I might find it helpful to write things down so here we go.

At the end of November 2009 I gave birth to my second child, Samuel.  I already have a three year old daughter called Eloise.  Her birth had been a little traumatic so it was great to have a lovely, quick straightforward labour with Samuel.  Everything was great and we were settling in to having two children.

Samuel never fed well. He slept through most feeds and it took about an hour to get him to have a little bit of milk. He slept like a dream and was very quiet.  Eloise had also been like this so we thought we were lucky to have yet another very good baby.  The feeding problems bothered me though so when he was 2 weeks old I took him to see the health visitor for advice.  Within 2 minutes of me entering the room she told me I had an anxiety problem, was putting this onto Samuel and that I was creating the feeding problems myself.  I was very upset by this – I didn’t have an anxiety problem but did once I’d had that appointment with her!  I left determined to do my own thing and carry on without her so called ‘help’.

The feeding problems didn’t go away so two weeks later I went to baby clinic to have him weighed.  Whilst we were there the same health visitor said she didn’t like the sound of his breathing and told me to take him to the GP.  He’d made this noise since birth. No one had told me it wasn’t right.  He seemed the same to me so I wasn’t concerned.  The GP thought it was a chest infection and asked us to take him to the hospital for assessment. 


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