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on February 7, 2010

So we arrived at Oxford very late. The place was huge, we didn’t have a clue where to park and then couldn’t find a door open to get into the hospital.  Luckily we found a few kind people who helped us out and took us to HDU.  Samuel was thankfully fine on the journey over and was stable when we got there.

We met his consultant who again explained the problem with his valve and told us that they would operate the next day to open the valve up using a cardiac catheter.  We were given a room for the night to try and get some rest but I found myself just laying in the dark for a few hours.  My main thought was that this was so surreal, not happening to me, that it had to be some weird dream and I was praying that I would wake up soon.  By 5.30am I was back downstairs with Samuel on HDU.

Thankfully my mum and uncle came to see us at the hospital that day.  I think we would have gone insane with the wait if we were on our own (either that or argued!) Samuel finally went to theatre just after lunch.  We were able to go into the room with him initally and told we could stay with him until he was under the anaesthetic.  I found this thought too upsetting and eventually had to leave the room as I was crying too much.

A couple of hours later he returned to HDU looking very well and alert.  The operation had successfully opened the valve without any complication and the difference in Samuel was instant.  Beforehand he had always been a very quiet and sleepy baby.  We felt he still hadn’t lost that newborn sleepiness or we just had a very good baby on our hands.  Since the surgery he is now bright, alert, happy and smiling – very rewarding after everything that happened.  He also cries alot more now but we find that reassuring!

That afternoon we both relaxed and felt like a huge weight had been lifted from our shoulders. I felt able to think a few days ahead rather than hours.  We also felt able to acknowledge that it was Christmas! We had been given a room in Ronald MacDonald House at the hospital and when we returned to our room a hamper of food had been left for us and the kitchen was full of plenty of Christmas treats to keep us going. Very simple things that meant alot to us at the time.

Samuel continued to make excellent progress and moved to the ward on Christmas Eve.  He was discharged home on Christmas Day. It was a relief to be home but sad as our daughter Eloise wasn’t with us – she was with Nanny and Grandad being spoilt so we were probably far from her mind!


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